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naruto is ending this year

and for the first time

i don’t want to believe it

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23 days of sasuke [1/23]

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There is that headcanon I have where Eren and Rivaille are college students and they are in the beginning of a friendship. Also Levi is way further on his course while Eren just started it so they plan to know each other better and go out and stay over at one another flats and eat lunch everyday together and trade knownledge and bla bla. Also, Eren is damn extravagant while shouting. At least something related to the anime ‘’cause that boy, man, is a huge screamo pro.

Sketches for the DUMBEST comic I`ve EVER made. Claps.

Sorry if is horrible. Also I started coloring this shit, but gave up in the middle of it because university, you kno’. Simply :U

I allow you to beat the shit out me. /no:

PS.: damnit a typo! it’s “not” ok

opsi wrong bus

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I love the new snk cover like it looks like Levi invited a bunch of people to his birthday party and only Erwin & Hange showed up so he’s like really disappointed and I just


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"There are some important words I want to tell, only to men who compliment my hair… Naruto… Will you hear them? I love you.”

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I have this stupid headcanon for domestic Eruri where they sign baby Eren up for soccer and Levi somehow ends up as a really intense soccer mom dad, complete with the ugly sports jackets and all.

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Your corruption is like a cancer growing inside.
You owe the world an apology.
You’ve been taught all your life that truth is easy to hide.
You’ll face your judgment another day and suffer eternally.

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Happy Birthday foreverautumnblog * v * I hope you eat lots of cake today!!!

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